Play and Earn Rewards

To ensure the tokenomics is sustainable, we never mint unsecured Dater Coins.
$DCs received by Dater Avatar holders for making One on One Calls are not being created out of the air, causing inflation and risks for the liquidity.
Play and Earn rewards are being taken from the Play and Earn Pool. And only stablecoin-secured Dater Coins can make it to this Pool. This means, that for each Dater Coin there is at least $0.01 of liquidity in stablecoins put into the Dater Liquidity Pool.
How do we achieve it? If administration wants to mint some Dater Coins for P&E Rewards Pool, we provide USDT liquidity accordingly to the Liquidity Pool.
Play and Earn rewards are being taken from the Play and Earn Pool
However, the main method of fulfilling Play and Earn Rewards Pool is by putting into this Pool some percentage of any Dater Coin transaction, made in the Dater app.
For example, when someone pays for extending the call with a dater she likes to talk to, part of the Dater Coins paid are going to administration. We take some percentage of those Dater Coins and put them into the Play and Earn Rewards Pool.
Thus, the size of the Play and Earn Pool depends on how much activity happens in the Dater app. The more payments, gifts, donations, and other Dater Coin transactions are done, the bigger is P&E Rewards Pool.
The bigger P&E Rewards Pool is, the more daters earn per every call.

How P&E reward per call is calculated

Reward, which is paid for every full One on One call made by the Dater Avatar owner depends mainly on the following parameters:
  • The current Play and Earn Rewards Pool size
  • How many calls have been made during the last 24 hours
  • How many potentially rewarded calls are happening right now
As was mentioned above, the more $DCs are in the P&E Rewards Pool, the bigger will be each reward.
Vice versa, the more rewarded calls have been made during the last 24 hours and the more potentially rewarded calls are online now, the smaller will be each reward (to ensure all the Dater Avatars holders who are active will be rewarded).
The number of calls, that have been made during the last 24 hours, is divided into several intervals. Those intervals are weighted depending on how many hours passed since this interval. The data from the most recent intervals influences the resulting reward more than from older ones.
What P&E reward depends on


There are several kinds of Bonus coefficients that are applied to the Base Reward amount that is explained above.

Waiting Bonus

Added if you've been waiting for being matched with a dater for One-on-One call for more than 3 minutes.
You get a 0% bonus for the first 3 minutes of waiting, then you start receiving some % of the Base Reward every minute.
Bonus %
Cumulative Bonus %
So after the 4th minute, every 3 minutes of waiting bring you 50% bonus on Base Reward. Percents are not compounded.
Bonus is earned only if you actually made a Full call after waiting. Otherwise, Base reward is 0$DC, so Bonus is applied to 0.
1) Avatar Holder had been waiting for 5 minutes, then made a full call. The base fee was 30$DC. After this call, she will receive 30$DC + 30$DC*60% = 48 $DC instead of just 30 $DC.
2) Avatar Holder had been waiting for 10 minutes, then started a call, that lasted only 2 minutes (not a full call). He will receive 0 + 0*150% = 0 $DC.

"Fresh Blood" Coefficient

Rewards calls with new people, disincentivizes meeting with the same people.
  • If you never met this person on Dater before, you receive a 20% increase in the Base Reward
  • If you haven't met this person today, you receive the full Base Reward.
  • If you have already met this person today, you will receive a 20% decrease in the Base Reward.

Efficiency Coefficient

Your Dater Avatar has an Efficiency skill. The higher your Efficiency, the more is your Reward.
Table: Efficiency => Reward Bonus: TBD.

Adding Bonuses

All the Bonuses are added, not compounded, and apply to Full Calls only.
Avatar Holder has been waiting for a match for 7 minutes, she never met this person before, and her Efficiency grants her a 10% Bonus. The base fee is 50 $DC. The full call was made.
Final Reward = 50$DC + 50$DC * (100% + 20% + 10%) = 50$DC + 65$DC = 115$DC