How To Play

Playing Dater is easy and fun
Dater is an endless video party, where you meet cool people, stream and make money.
So how do you play Dater?
The main activity in Dater is talking to people. Short video meetings with random people are the core of Dater gameplay.
There are two main modes.

One on One meetings

Three minutes long meetings with random people are the core activity in Dater.
To get started with the Dater one on one calls:

Fill your profile

  • First of all, fill your name (or a nickname) and upload ana avatar.
  • Then, you can enter your DOB and Gender. This information along with the location will be used to connect you to daters with the best matching profiles. Your DOB is not disclosed to other daters, only your age is shown.
  • You can optionally enter the short Bio. The more you write about yourself, the higher will be your followers count, which will increase your streaming earnings.
  • Connect your social profiles - let people know how cool are you.
    • If you're a streamer, you should definitely connect your Twitch profile. We will track your streams and prioritize you in the search during the streams to help you making the best content ever.

Decide who you want to speak to

As soon as you're done with your socials, get back to the main tab (one with the camera icon), and tap the Settings icon on the right of the Start button to change your One on one calls preferences.
You can choose who do you want to meet: folks, gals or both.
If you're not in the mood of meeting new people and just want to chat to your friends, you can limit your matches to your followers only.
When you're ready for adventures again, change this setting back to 'All daters'.

Enjoy a good chat

And you're all set!
Press the Start button and Dater system will connect you to other daters.
Dater is on the early stage, so sometimes there's just no other daters online.
In this case, do not worry. Just save your energy for one of Dater parties. Yes, at least once a week we throw parties! Party is when all the daters launch the Dater app at the same time for a couple of hours. This allows everyone to find a great companion for a chat! We also invite popular streamers to the parties to create even more legendary and exciting atmosphere.
Turn on your push notifications and wait for the announcements!
To learn more about one on one meetings and how do you earn $DC for chatting and having fun, please follow to the One on One calls section.


Streaming mode is basically your 1-1 meetings that you stream for your fans and everyone else in Dater to enjoy.
We have plenty of monetization options on a plate for streamers! In addition to earning $DaterCoins for every complete call (for those streamer owning Dater NFT Avatar) and earning when people extend the call with streamer, streamers can earn from:
  • Donations
  • Fans placing bids in $DC to connect to the streamer
  • Increased play and earn efficiency depending on the stream audience
The streaming is not live yet. We're looking forward to launching it in 2023.